Enlli ☩ Bardsey : Cadeirydd yr Ymddiriedolaeth – Chair of the Trust

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Dr Rod Gritten yw Cadeirydd Ymddiriedolaeth Ynys Enlli.

Yn 40fed Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol yr Ymddiriedolaeth, siaradais ag ef am yr heriau sy’n wynebu’r Ymddiriedolaeth wrth edrych ymlaen at y 40 mlynedd nesaf o gynnal a datblygu bywyd ar Enlli.

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Dr Rod Gritten is the Chair of the Bardsey Island Trust.

At the 40th Annual General Meeting of the Trust, I talked to him to him about the challenges facing the Trust as it looks ahead to the next 40 years of maintaining and developing life on Bardsey.

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