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Ydych chi’n gwybod am fywyd anhygoel aderyn o’r enw Drycin Manaw?  Mae Steve Stansfield wedi bod yn Warden Gwylfan Adar a Maes Enlli ers dros 20 mlynedd.  Ymhlith pethau eraill, mae’n goruchwylio recordio data am Adar Ddrycin Manaw, adar eraill a’r bywyd gwyllt yr ynys.  Mwynhewch!

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Do you know about the incredible life of a bird called a Manx Shearwater? Steve Stansfield has been the Warden of the Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory for over 20 years. Amongst other things, he oversees the recording of data about Manx Shearwaters, other birds and wildlife on the island. Enjoy!

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